Arkady Nasonov

nasonov_aSince 1989 participated in more than 30 solo, and more than 130 collective shows in Russia and abroad. In 1991 found The Cloud Commission art group. In 1995 found The TARTU poetry society. 1999 – 2005 stipendium of the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, Grant of Dutch Institute in Rome,Uriot prize Amsterdam, Fellowship of La Napoule Art Foundation, stipend in KunstlerhausWorpswede. Since 2002 – the member of Inspection “Medical Hermeneutic” group. Since 2004 – director of “Single Viewer Gallery”.

When in my childhood I found out that during the first showing of a Brothers Lumière film people leapt out of their seats in panic and ran out of the hall, I must admit, I was perplexed. Is it really true that people 80 years ago could not distinguish a flat black and white projection from three-dimensional colour reality?
And not long ago I unravelled the meaning of the question which had tormented me all that time… The audience was, by no means, afraid of the illusion of a train coming at them. They were frightened by the fact that the train did not make any sounds. The absence of sounds, which signify a train, caused psycho-trauma for the first ungrateful viewers.

Any pictorial work of Art, apart from being two-dimensional, completes the third dimension, it, being silent, is also given sound. Or the image may be given sound using sounds in harmony with the subject of a classical picture, albeit the crack of branches or the rustle of leaves in Shishkin or the sad wailing of barge haulers and crowd noises in Repin or, in the case of a conceptual work of Art, in the author’s interpretative text, behind which we can hear the voice of Prigov, Peppershtein or Monastyrsky. And even when the work of Art speaks of calmness, muteness and silence, it, nevertheless, is given sound and thereby is given meaning…
And when will we begin to understand that we exist in silence? Only when one and the same monotonous repeating sound draws our attention to the fact that other sounds no longer exist. Silence is emphasised by a dripping tap in a kitchen, the rattle of cicadas in a field or radio signs. Only when we hear these inconspicuous, better to say, inaudible sounds, then we understand how silent it is around. So silent, that one can fall asleep…
Arkady Nasonov


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