Aslan Gaisumov

gaisumovBorn in 1991 in Grozny. In 2010 graduated from the faculty of environmental design at the College of Design in Moscow. Graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Art, New Art Strategies course (2012).

How can we talk about war without resorting to the language of reportage or newsreels? How can we talk about war without histrionics, voyeurism and excessive emotion? How do we convey tragedy without profiting from the shocking images? The artist Aslan Gaisumov speaks about war with the help of books. For Gaisumov books are prima­rily a phenomenon of human culture, a source of knowledge and a document of history. Through books we discover our world, and like any other historical document they are created in accordance with the rules of their time and reflect its character. In Gaisumov’s work books are ragged and jag­ged, without spines or even their hearts, with torn-out pages, wounds inflicted by nails and clock mechanisms. These books show the traces of cruel stories and events and have become witnesses and victims. Obviously for Gaisumov this is the war in Chechnya, which he was plunged into at the age of 3. And like any war, as Susan Sontag has written, it was an ineffable experience that cannot be de­fined by words and escapes definition. Words cannot convey the reality of war. And in Gaisumov’s exhibition, when words are silent books take it upon themselves to speak.

Elena Yaichnikova

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