Bashir Borlakov

borlakovBorn in 1977. Lives and works in Ust-Dzhegut, Russia. Graduate of Marmara University ( Istanbul, Turkey), Fine Arts Faculty, with a focus on painting.

Borlakov intended his four-meter photographic panoramas to stress the perception of space and time, the categories included in the process of cognition of the illogical and contradictory world. Such an approach to the panorama approximates the view of a phenomenologist, describing experience as a complex system that embraces and contains every aspect of life at once. In Borlakov’s case, spectacle acquires clear theatrical and cinematographic features. He uses mountains and a plateau as his stage, an abstract “top of the world.” This serves as a background for contrasting symbolic stories, which in turn compose an unfinished panorama of human experience. The individual images cannot come together in a simple metaphor, and so instead they become a trancelike observation of an absurd event: a man trying to ride on the back of birds, groups of old ladies or young people inexplicably attempting to occupy an empty peak, and the murder of a naked, sexless victim.
Maxim Krekotnev

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