Boris Orlov

orlov_08_01941 born in the town of Khimki, Moscow region. 1960-1966 studied in Moscow High School of Arts and industry. Since 1975 member of organizers of regularly held artists’ meetings and exhibition in the Club of Sculptors in Moscow House of Artists. 1987 one of organizers of the First Creative Association of Moscow Artists. Lives and works in Moscow.

Parade of astral bodies. From the project The host of earth and the host of heaven

The artistic world of Orlov from the beginning belonged to the expanding universe. He does not only refer to the known contexts, he forms new ones. Here each work is charged with multidimensional expressiveness: through the colloquialness of the figurative hyperbolas comes the classical Latin of stamped syntax, through the passionately-solemn thunder of calls — the smiling style of ironic reflection, through the magniloquent sophistication of décor — the indestructible logic of tectonic constructions. Is it possible in such a dialogue to manage without highlighting the problems of the very essence of the art of sculpture — and therefore — the problematical character of “personal expression”?
The question is void of meaning when there is a purely symbolic approach to the plastic arts; in the world of symbols just the simplest hybridization is enough: it’s enough only to connect a symbol from one context with a symbol from another in order to obtain a new object in the “Sots-art” style or any other, invented by a curator of a “movement”. At the end of the day everything comes to “gestures”, “strategies”, “flickering”. It is not so with Orlov. His games with symbols, based on connecting the un-connectable, never abrogate sculpture as a valuable in itself, meaningful entity. On the contrary, every time they strengthen it with provocative self-restrictions.

Evgeny Barabanov

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