Keti Chukhrov

ЧухровArt theorist, philosopher, artist, specializing on the issues of performativity in practice and theory. Book-length publications include: To Be -To Perform (2011), and a volume of dramatic writing: “Merely Humans” (2012). With the video-play “Love-machines” participated at the Bergen Assembly (2013), “Specters of Communism (James Gallery, NY, 2015, Groys), and at “Everything We See could be Otherwise” (Galeria Nova, Zagreb, 2016, WHW). Based in Moscow.

The video-play unfolds as the clash between three female characters: the subaltern, unenlightened hired worker and the representatives of the cultural elite, who happen to convey the values of religion and spiritual growth, thus speaking on behalf fo social authority and ethical power. The videoplay is not so much a social critique, but rather an attempt to reveal the hypocrisy in the institute of belief, which pretends to appropriate the rhetoric of virtue, but stems from oppression. The video-play questions the issue of commons in the conditions of extreme inequality paired by the social hegemony of the elites, manifested as well as an intellectual and cultural domination. However the quest among the protagonists is still about the search of experiences that would paradoxiacally accomplish the expectation of commonality.

2016, 23.58, Eng. subtitled HD video.
Based on the original play.

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