Dmitry Bulnygin

bulnyginDmitry Bulnygin was born in 1965 inNovosibirsk.
He graduated the Novosibirsk Architecture Institute.
He’s organizer and director of the International Festival of Extra Short Film (ESF).
Since 2001 he has used the name VJ db. He participated in a special project at the third Moscow Biennale (2009).
Bulnygin lives and works in Moscow.


Every year, dreams of renewal make people simultaneously lose their mind. Hopes for change explode like fireworks and die off just as quickly, turning into the remains of a celebratory meal and exposing the futility of anything secular. Only the precise moment of release provides brief consolation to the seeker of change, who sheds tears of joy in his spasms of happiness.

“… These emotional experiences are often widespread and, instead of taking shape slowly like changes, they burst into consciousness, becoming ingrained in the memory, not so much as collective experience but a personal experience of collectiveness. It is a case of not seeing, but rather hearing the collective, the uniformly scattered voices of the invisible masses. The term “fireworks” is interpreted as an invariable emotional experience that runs through every period and the entirety of life, like a vibrantly colored thread” (Sergey Anufriev, Pavel Pepperstein. The Nineties. Moscow, 1999).

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