edelweisThe Edelweiss Creative Union was formed at the beginning of 2011. The union carries out theoretical and experimental investigations of morphology and processes of art.

Tea Rose

The “Tea Rose” event* took place in accordance with the precepts of RetraBlyambaFuturisma** on May 19, 2011 at the Art + Art Gallery. Attendees had the opportunity to witness the transformation of Visual Art into Speculative Art.

Real Part
The charm of a May evening accented the magnificence of the pure white gallery. The songstress and
shaman Vera Sazhina played accordion songs that were as long as a blizzard. Dazzlingly beautiful
models, strategically placed throughout the space, imparted an ineffable splendor to the occasion.
At the end of the evening, a black stallion crossed the auditorium. A spectacle.

Imaginary Part
Innocuously dressed in blue surgical gowns, the artists Albert, Davtyan and Skersis circulated
through the crowd, explaining in various ways what in the world was taking place. Each artist had
a tag pinned to his chest:

I’m Yuri Albert, an artist.
On my penis there’s a
drawing of a hare

I’m Paruir Davtyan, an artist.
On my penis there’s a
drawing of the Riemann hypothesis


I’m Viсtor Skersis, an artist.
On my penis there’s a
drawing of two carrots and a leaf of lettuce

The troupe:
Artists: Yuri Albert, Paruir Davtyan, Viсtor Skersis. Singer: Vera Sazhina. Video: Alim Gadoev. Models from a modeling agency.

* An event is part of an activity. The “Edelweiss” and “Tea Rose” events are part of the “Orangerie” activity. Activity was a term introduced in 1980 by the SZ group to denote an action unlimited by time, as opposed to a happening, performance and so on.
** RetraBlyambaFuturisma, a noun, referring to one of the Orthogonal (3 + 1[0]) models for the development of art.

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