Elena Rykova

RykovaBorn in Ufa (1991). Composer, works in area of musical performance. Student of Moscow conservatory. Finalist of international composer competition Gaudeamus Prize 2013 (The Netherlands).
Participant of:
Moscow Forum (Moscow Conservatory, 2011, 2013), Difficulties of translation (Masterskaya, 2012), Dialogs/Memory Spaces (Platforma, 2012), ARTinki s vystavki (Moscow conservatory & Kandinsky Prize, 2013);”Woman in motion”(Nizhny Novgorod, 2013); Art-platform Stansia (Kostroma, 2013).

The Mirror of Galadriel

A musical performance that is on the territory of the visual art. Two performers – a man and a woman – interact with each other on both sides of a tennis table that is divided with a net («mirror»). They reflect certain actions of each other according to the rules. One of the players is the leader, another reflects the motions. In the second part of the play they change the roles. Cones are used as objects that are interacted with a surface of a table. As a result the sounds appear that later correlate with a sounds of breathing.
A performance is about understanding without words; possibilities of seeing in the others only own reflection; wish to influence on what is happening; moment that changes the game; life that is going beyond its limits.
Newspaper «Russian musician» N3/2013:
“Author sets the task to discover the richness of natural timbre instead of using specially constructed instruments. That is the reason of serious criteria for objects: “Cones must be open and dry; they must bounce easily and when scratched on the table surface should produce a creaky noise. When thrown on the surface of the table this type of a cone must produce a very mute sound, must have a long resonance and a minimal ricochet”…
Performance was chosen in a final round of a prestigious composers competition Gaudeamus Prize 2013 (The Netherlands) where the author was the youngest nominate. Premier was held at Dialogs/Memory Spaces project (Platforma, Moscow, December of 2012).

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