Evgeniy Antufiev

antufiev_eBorn in 1986 in Kyzyl, in the Republic of Tuva. Lives and works in Tuva and Moscow. From 2008 – a student of the Institute of Problems of Contemporary Art. Solo exhibitions: 2008 Objects of security. The “Start” venue, “Vinzavod”, Moscow. 2009 My Childhood Myths. Loft-project “Storeys”, Gallery “Globus”, Saint Petersburg. Group exhibitions: 2009 Handmade craft. Gallery “Proun”, Moscow.

Defencive objects

“One should make one’s heart similar to a room, in which light never shines, and hide it more than the private places of one’s body, because true shame is in the heart, and if one opens it, everyone will instantly laugh at it”. Iliya Masodov “The warmth of your hands”.

Today, mythological consciousness is no longer a form of overcoming (albeit imaginary) ignorance, but rather a way of painless submergence into ignorance, the creation of one’s own secure model of existence. The creation of ritual as the cementing base of relative reality is salvation from that which exists and is possible.

Thanks to my mother Nadezhda Antufeva. Thanks to: Luba Nalogina, Sophia Trotsenko, Anastasia Shavlohova, Arseniy Zhilyaev and Maria Novikova-Saveleva.

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