Evgeny Antufiev

antufievBorn in Kyzyl, in the Tuva Republic (Russia) in 1986. Lives and works in Tuva and Moscow. He began his studies at the Institute of Contemporary Art in 2008. In 2009, he won the Kandinsky Award for the «Young Artist. Project of the Year».

Twelve, wood, dolphin, knife, bowl, mask, crystal, bones and marble – fusion. Exploring materials.

My favourite form of perceiving information is as a maze, with paths that endlessly duplicate each other and sudden dead ends. Let us consider this project to be such a maze, made of bones, wood, crystals, cloth, snakeskin, smoke, and meteoric iron. Quotes have been torn from classic Russian literature and placed on the walls to show the way, and dolphins with eyes like liquid marble reside in the dead ends. Sometimes, even I do not understand the mechanism by which this complex construction functions, or why precisely this tangled, unclear, glittering form is for me an ideal, maximally realistic reconstruction of the universe.

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