Evgeny Chertoplyasov

сhertoplyasovBorn in 1984 in Samara. Graduated from the Institute of Artistic Education. Participated in group exhibitions both in Samara and Moscow, such as “Qui Vive?” (Moscow Museum of Modern Art), Videoprovince (National Center for Contemporary Arts, Moscow), International Shiryaevo Biennale (Samara, 2006). Finalist in the International Kansk Video Festival (2009).


Evgeny Chertoplyasov’s project is a rare example of an original work using sound in Russian contem­porary art, and brings the heritage of the conceptual school together with new technologies. The work is an intellectual tangle. It hovers between the Soviet science documentary, the tradition of the conceptual total installation and the avant-garde practice of bringing together different types of art. The “Pharmaconcert” audio installation is an attempt to create an alternative history of Soviet avant­garde art. The main character in the project is an imaginary composer-cum-futurist and mathemati­cian, Zhivokost Okopnik, who is the creator of a “substantive symphony.” According to the history created by Chertoplyasov, the scientist bravely experimented with sound and other materials that af­fect human consciousness in an attempt to exceed the bounds of habitual sensations. The results of Zhivokost’s experiments, which we encounter as musical minimalism, allow us to see art history in a new and unexpected way. All of Okopnik’s pieces are meant to be performed in ultra- and infrasonic scales. “Pharmaconcert” is a multi-level narrative. One part belongs to the present, when the artist finds the materials to reconstruct Okopnik’s research in a destroyed research institute in the 2000s. The sec­ ond part — the composer’s research itself — is in the utopian past. And the third part is the potential future of art, which is the search for new forms.

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