Evgeniy Granilshchikov

granilshikovBorn in Moscow in 1985. Graduated from the Institute of Journalism and Literature in Moscow with a specialism in photojournalism (2009). A student at the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia (in the workshops of Igor Mukhin, Ekaterina Degot and David Riff). Lives and works in Moscow.

“The Letter”
“The Letter” is a narrative video in which viewers watch a girl as she edits a love letter step-by-step. She doesn’t only correct punctuation, spelling and stylistic mistakes, she also changes the structure of the text and rewrites entire sentences. What does it mean to combine dry, academic editing with the intimate content expressed in this let­ter? We observe a conflict between two ideologies in which one dissects the other. The boundaries of language are demonstrated with the help of an artistic technique. The text of a real letter is used in the video.

“Method” is a video consisting of small fragments that have nothing in common with each other in terms of plot and a soundtrack that plays for the entire film. This video is an unfinished work that is turned inside out. Every fragment is accompanied by a com­ment on its ideological characteristics. They are raw materials that could be used by an artist in his work. The short commentaries are intended to show the role and significance the fragments would have in the film if it were to be produced. “Method” is ultimately a satirical vision of structure and a conversation about the limits of language. The central idea of this work is that manipulation by the media is always connected with politics.

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