Galina Khailu

khailu_08_0Born in Krasnodar Region. From 2000 – a member of the Krasnodar Union of Free Artists. Has been exhibiting from 2000. Participated in more than 20 exhibitions and projects. Permanent member of the creative group “Nephrite Pig”. From 2008 – member of AUR of Krasnodar. Works held in private collections in various Russian cities, in the KRVZFA Funds, in a private museum of contemporary art St. Petersburg, and also in Germany, England, France, the USA, Israel, Australia etc.


Galina Hailu has stepped into the space of contemporary Russian art so strikingly that her concrete location is insignificant, now shrinking to enclosure of the cellar code with its symbolically-catacomb dominant, now expanding to mythically-metaphorical dialogue with the universe.
She has become accustomed to constantly balancing within the boundaries of the creative frontier, where the yin-yang duality changes to the egocentric personality. Numerous art-projects with Sergey Polupanov alternate with her solo exhibitions, which only underline that axiomatic fact that the sacral depends first and foremost on the perception of things and not on the belief in the Other.
In the duality of cooperation is hidden the essentially-incongruous, always capable of cutting the edge for sacral transition to another type of materiality.
Galina Hailu’s project “Transition” is simultaneously mythically-metaphorical and poetically-symbolic. In it there is no quoting, but the wholeness of a worldview. And the transparent clarity of the artist’s view.
The transition-triptych is like an act of initiation containing in itself the archetypal history of the perpetually repeating world.
Lost childhood, suffused with the bitterness of anticipation of future knowledge.
In it is the ladder, on the rungs of which the past, present and future come together cathartically. The ladder, leading downwards.
Eternity – ad marginem, time – in the mainstream, and there is no one with power over time, even fate. It is omnipotent and knows no mercy. The relentlessness of time is in the melancholy of expectation. The step from childhood has not yet been made, but after a step there is Other.
And there is always in Galina’s pictures a certain marker which, being externally serene, silently screams about the tragic inevitability of tomorrow.
The tortoise underfoot is comparable with a child. A teddy bear, weakly hanging its head. The symbol of self-forming estrangement.
The colour does not oppress. It is as if it assists the metaphor, smoothly spread on the canvases and compositionally concluding the message.
And here in the centre, there is the underground, which furiously sucks you into the turbulence of the spiral of the temporary flow. The colour is included in the paradigm of movement, and leads.
This is the passage beyond, an ontological shift, the displacement from a state of quiescence.
Ek-stasis as the essence of the transcendence of Transition.

Yuri Luchinsky

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