Gleb Kosorukov

glebGleb Kosorukov was born at a secret nuclear research centre in the Urals.
He graduated the MIFI in Moscow with a degree in nuclear physics.
During the 90s he worked as photojournalist for the New York Times, The Guardian, Time and others, before shifting to arts and fashion photography.
Since 2000, Kosorukov has lived between Moscow and Paris.

100 Stakhanovites

On the night of August 30-31, 1935, Alexey Grigorevich Stakhanov set a record in coalmine production efficiency, producing 14 times the daily norm. From that day, thanks to Stakhanov, labor could become a matter of heroism (three years later, the highest award, Hero of Socialist Labor, was established). Despite a lack of media attention, coal is the backbone of civilization’s energy cycle. It is responsible for 44% of energy produced by humans — more than twice as much as oil or gas. Coal miners are the archetype of the working class. Their profession has hardly changed in a hundred years. With the highest death toll of all civil professions, coal mining became a synonym for human sacrifice, making miners a sort of sacred caste.
On August 31, 2009, 74 years after Stakhanov’s first record, I started a project at the biggest coalmine in Europe, which is named after Stakhanov. I photographed miners, creating a hundred-strong visual ‘pantheon’, a study on the diversity of human identity within the archetype. Its final form is an installation in a light-blinded industrial facility (1000+ m2), where dozens of 2×3 meter portraits are interactively lit by industrial projectors with movement detection sensors, creating an island of light in surrounding darkness. Moving between the portraits towards the end of installation, the viewer is followed by a growing indistinguishable industrial sound which, at the end of the hall, turns out to be the soundtrack of a large video installation.
Full-scale installation 100 Stakhanovites was realized for the first time thanks to Rizzordi Art Foundation in May, 2010 in creative space TKACHI in St. Petersburg.
First full scale project installation was realised in May 2010 in St. Petersbourg thanks to Rizzordi Art Foundation andCreative Space Tkachi. In September – October 2010 full scale installation was shown at the Ekaterinbourg Industrial Biennale, at the same time outdoors site specific installation 100 Stakhanov’s was shown at Gogolfest art festival in Kiev (Ukraine).
Special thanks to the Creative Space Tkachi ( for the help provided forKandinsky Prize exhibition.

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