Grigory Maiofis

maiofis_gWas born in Leningrad in 1970. From 1987 to 1990 he studied in the Leningrad Academy – the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture n. a. I. E. Repin, between 1991 – 1996 he worked in the USA, at present the artist is living and working in Saint Petersburg. In 2006 Maiofis received the Betty and Jim Kasson Award, USA, for the series of photographs “Proverbs”. His works are held in museums of contemporary art in Los Angeles and Houston (USA), in the National Gallery of Slovakia in Bratislava, in more than ten Russian museums, in leading corporative and private collections throughout the world.

The Project Artist and Model
In his new project the exemplary post-modernist Grigory Maiofis continues to explore the question of the relationship of the artist and the model (in the broad sense – the subject). How Maiofis’ conceptual art comes into being differs little from that of the traditional way – as it was hundreds of years ago, two take part in its creation – the artist and the model, albeit a girl-model or the problem of the oil price, no less real and palpable for the world of contemporary art. Maiofis has been studying the main metaphor of the relationship of art and life for a long time and with success – the series of works “The Artist and the Model” 2004-2005 became a hit at international art-fairs.
In it the relationships of the creator and the model have been given an ironic and extremely frivolous interpretation with a Freudian underlying message. For the new project the artist has developed satirical imitations of the diversity of styles and genres of painting – from conceptualism to military-historical themes; topical questions – the consumer society, international conflicts and the arms race, as well as eternal values – ballet, academic drawing and the manifestation of libido, have served Maiofis as targets.

In the project “The Artist and the Model” Maiofis-the intellectual brings endless associations together into complex subjects in order that later there be something out of which the painstaking Maiofis-the artist might create a different reality – small c-prints or large-format bromoils: photographs, stuck onto canvases (thus they acquire a painterly softness).
Maiofis works with awkward old cameras, feels the hues of the paper base, carefully selects the depth of silver emulsion and density of printing – no faster than the graphic-artist chooses his materials.

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