Grigory Yushchenko

JushenkoBorn in 1986. Lives in St. Petersburg. Member of Protez Group (along with Igor Mezheritsky and Alexander Vilkin). Participant in the Parazit Gallery Creative Association (2005-2006).

Initially, Yushchenko and his associates in the Protez group created art that no one would like — typical loser art. The artist uses deliberately junky material (he steals the flyers from street poles and “enhances” them with gauche or acrylic), sloppy technique (his drawings are like chicken scratch), and distasteful subjects (gnarled, sharp-toothed hoodlums either copulating in perverse ways or finding inventive ways to bump each other off). The key word in Advertising Narcotics is not “narcotics,” but “advertising.” Yushchenko is testing the durability of the moral boundaries in coercive advertising. He himself writes: “Are there any bounds, any limits to the dishonesty of conscience-invading commercial advertising in a world where everything is bought and sold?” But instead of cold science, Yushchenko achieves Homeric, comedic grotesque. Using advertising itself — in this case, concert flyers — as a foundation, the artist turns his subject on its head, driving it to complete and infernal absurdity.
Anna Matveeva

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