EliKuka Group

elikukaThe name of the group is formed from the surnames of its members, Oleg Eliseev and Evgeny Kukoverov. It was founded in 2007. Eliseev was born in 1985 in Moscow. Kukoverov was born in 1984 in Kirovo-Chepetsk. In 2005-07 they were members of the Infusion-Baked art group (with Maksimilian Roganov) and since 2005 they have been members of the Zianida performance group (with Georgy Litichevsky) and the I.H.N.A.B.T.B.music collective. They live and work in Moscow.

In the project “Revolt of the World Order Simulators,” exhibited at the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, the artists test the stability of the world order in their usual manner, exposing and exacerbating its absurdity, mixing in a fair amount of chaos and inviting viewers to take an active part in this entertaining process. The popular notion that the world is interconnected gets a literal embodiment in EliKuka’s project as all the objects in their interactive installation are linked with ropes, and the viewer is free to interfere as he wishes with the order established by the artists. According to the artists, “if you connect all of the objects and all of the people in the world with ropes, passing through a system of pulleys, then every person and every insensitive oaf, even the president, will no longer feel so terribly lonely.” Viewers should bear in mind that the artists permit the world order the right to strike back.

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