BlueSoup Group

bluesoup_08_0BlueSoup group was founded in Moscow, in 1996 by Alex Dobrov,Daniel Lebedev and Valery Patkonen. Since 2002 group works in cooperation with Alexander Lobanov. Participated in 1st and 2nd Moscow biennale of contemporary art and other exhibitions in Russia and abroad.


In their video installation Defence Bluesoup have built such a zone, where their imaginary landscape is taken for a real one. At least, it is the viewers’ subconscious to say so. The mystery lurking in the fog pervading the swamp and the frightening gunshots creates an oneiric atmosphere in which temporal and spatial coordinates become indefinable as well as unnecessary. Spectators do not doubt the existence of this eerie landscape, the same way as, when we dream, we do not question if what is happening is real or not.
Building this misty mystic marsh was a time-consuming process that lasted several months. Starting point was not its double recorded from an existing geographic space, but the wasteland of a hard disk. On this emptiness of technological nature (the digital) the artists create the void of metaphysical connotations (the human). The resulting territory is a permanent in-between state. The feeling coming from experiencing this work – in the open air a night in winter in front of a 18 m x 4 m screen – is one of discomfort (and submission to the images).

Sigmund Freud would explain this feeling with the word unheimlich (the uncanny), a sensation of strangeness and uneasiness caused by something that can be familiar, yet foreign at the same time. However, Freud himself would be at a loss in drawing up any ultimate interpretation of this “dream”, because the manifestation of the horror remains hinted at and it never materialises into a concrete “supernatural presence”.


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