Igor Chirkin, Alexei Podkidyshev

chirkinIgor Chirkin was born in 1983 in Moscow. Graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute (2008).
Aleksei Podkidyshev was born in 1984 in Moscow. Studies at Moscow Architectural Institute. Both graduated from the Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art (2010). Received the Special Jury award of the Kurekhin Prize in the “Public Art” nomination (2011). Long-listed for the Kandinsky Prize in the “Young Artist” nomination (3ART Group, 2008, 2009)


The project is a surface made of books that lie on the floor. Books cover everything, and visitors must walk along a little path through the middle. Special air currents flow through the room, creating a whispering sound and turning pages. The central theme of the “Whisper” project is the space of information, a space that is losing depth, and in which quantity and accumulation is prized above all else. In this project the informational resource is a book archive, spread out on the floor in an interweav­ing orthogonal structure. Books are portrayed as the most universal and material medium for storing and transmitting information. Many generations have been shaped by books, and contemporary in­formation technologies, which will oppose the book, are not yet formed yet or are in the process of development. Information is forever accumulating and creates a system in which the novelty of information gains in importance. This novelty is often the reconstruction or adaptation of the old to new technological or sociocultural conditions. The increasing fragmentation of interests, tastes and preferences, as well as publication in virtual worlds, lead to the emergence of a multi-polar society. The oncoming rush of information is like a whisper or hum in which it is difficult to distinguish words that are pronounced indistinctly and qui­etly.

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