Игорь Чубаров Igor Chubarov

Chubarov_PhotoDoctor of Philosophy; researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences; a member of Center for Modern Philosophy and Social Sciences at Moscow State University; Associate Editor of Logos Journal. He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of the Moscow State University. Fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Berlin, 2006-2008).

The Collective Sensibility. Theories and Practices of the Left Avantgarde.

Author presents a genuine synthesis of modern Aesthetic Concepts and theories of Mimesis emerged in XX and XXI centuries and personified by the names of W. Benjamin, T. Adorno , R. Girard, V. Podoroga, etc. Such synthesis might become the subject of the interdisciplinary research of modern art, however, it provides an apparatus for analysis of the Russian left avant-garde represented in the works of constructivists, productivists and factographists, which gathered in the 1920th around the reviews LEF and Novy LEF, and such institutes as INHUK, VHUTEMAS, and GAKhN.

A perennial spring for modern quests and innovations in art Russian avant-garde is being represented herein as a self-reflective social and anthropological practice, which loses none of its artistic qualities, because of conscious attempt of its protagonists to solve political and everyday problems.

Author argues that the central idea of left avant-garde is tightly connected with the concept of overcoming Violence and becomes realistic due to the discovery of a specific layer of sensibility and of an alternative to the bourgeois-individualistic structure of the subconscious.

Collectivity means here not an exterior social organization, but an immanent order of images matching the appropriate artwoks-things, which enables them to be simultaneously both useful and purposeful, comfortable and esthetically outstanding.

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