Innokenty Sharkov, Alexander Tarbeyev, Daria Chapkovskaya, Katerina Kochkina

tarbeevDSC_0979MG_1930Карусель-150Innokenty Sharkov and Daria Chapkovskaya were born in 1973 and graduated from the Moscow Higher Art and Industry Institute (formerly the Stroganov Institute) and the Institute of Contemporary Art. Alexander Tarbeyev was born in 1956. He is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists and a laureate of international typography festivals. Katerina Kochkina was born in 1987; she lives and works in Moscow.


The project is a video installation consisting of sculptures and a transparent sheet of film, onto which text is projected. The transparent screen divides the installation into two halves, sculptures are placed in the rear and their shadows are highlighted by the rays of the projector. The visual result is the impression of text floating in the air. The software program receives input from a video camera positioned in front of the installation. If the camera detects any movement, the text becomes organised and readable. The use of sculpture, in this case made of coins, creates shadows in the floating text.
The observer can see the sculptures through their shadows and in doing so discovers the space behind the screen. As the observer moves in the space at the rear, he becomes a shadow for other observers and part of the installation.
The project concept is creation of an image through movement and the activity of an observer. We are used to formalising our emotions into thoughts, thoughts into words. The barrier of words has separated us from the richness and complexity of the universe. Sometimes all we can see is just a projection, a shadow. Maybe we ourselves will become shadows, once we pass the barrier? We are likely to find creatures produced by our vanity, hopes and fears.

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