Irina Korina

korinaBorn in 1977 in Moscow. Graduated from the Russian Academy of Theatrical Art (2000), Valand Academy of Art, Gothenburg, Sweden (2000), studied at the media class at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (2002–2005). Participant in the 53rd Venice Biennale (2009, Russian pavillion). Winner of the Début theatrical award (1999), the Soratnik award twice (2006, 2009), the State Innovation Award in the “New Generation” nomination (2008). Longlisted for the Kandinsky Prize 2009 in the “Project of the Year” nomination.

The Show Trial

“The Show Trial” — I like the ambiguity of the title. On the one hand the word “trial” refers to science, to experiments in physics or chemistry. On the other the expression “Show Trial” is associated with terrible periods in Soviet history. The sense of time is very important for me; its material, sensual aspect. I think that everything has changed in our country, it seems like Soviet fears are returning. The substrate, the aesthetic out of which our new reality was built in the 2000s suddenly lost its meaning for me. I wanted to use plasticine for its very particular qualities. Plasticine is associated with childhood, with a game. It holds its shape, but it never hardens completely — you can change the shape by warming the plasticine with your hands. I wanted to create a work about freedom, about overcoming obstacles. About victory, but not a revolutionary victory — about victory thanks to the substance’s unusual qualities. It is an amorphous victory thanks to plasticity, viscosity and mass.

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