Irina Nakhova

nakhovaGraduated from Moscow State University of Printing Arts (1978). Solo exhibitions: “Rooms” (Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 2011). Nakhova and Pavel Pepperstein: “Moscow Partisan Conceptualism” (Orel Art, London, 2010). “Disconnected” (Open Gallery, Moscow, 2009). “Zone of No Distinction” (XL Gallery, Moscow, 2008). “Matters — Disarming Icons” (Windows at Kimmel Center, New York University, New York, 2009), in addition to others.

The Skins series

The best description of 2010’s “Skins” comes from Kalliopi Minioudaki in an essay published in 2011: “Nakhova has printed out photographs of the front or the back of male and female tattooed bodies onto latex sheets that vaguely emulate skin’s feel. Hung from the wall as human hides, they are paired with wall texts that summarize the lives of their skinned subjects. As fictional posthumous reportage, the stories disclose the names and multicultural origins of the skins’ owners, the occasions of their religious or secular tattooing, the accidental or criminal causes of their deaths, the circumstances of their skinning, as well as information about the posthumous display of their tattooed skin […] Reinforcing the fictional stories with constructed documentation, Nakhova makes a further com­mentary about the unreliability of both word and image, in the ideological manipulations of individu­al lives and stories by the media and in the construction of history itself. […]After all, underlying all the stories is the pessimist conclusion that everything is for sale and dis­play, like so many of the skins and identity insignia of these uncommon victims. Moreover, all efforts toward subjectification and differentiation, via tattoos that seal the body with iconic emblems of dif­ferent identities, are crushed to a pulp by the shared fatality of all of the ‘Skins’ stories.”
Text translation by Valentin Dyakonov
Captions translation by Alisa Oleva

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