Ivan Chuikov

chuikovBorn in 1935 in Moscow. Graduated from Surikov Art Institute (1960). His first exhibition was at the VII World Festival of Youth and Students, Moscow (1957). A member of the Soviet Artists Union since 1976. His works are held by the State Tretyakov Gallery, Pushkin Museum, State Russian Museum, Centre Georges- Pompidou, Paris, Museum of Contemporary Art, Basel, Albertina Museum, Vienna, and many others.

Split Identity

Ivan Chuikov is one of the most significant figures of Moscow nonconformist art on the international art scene. His works of the recent years generate from the idea of an image as a thin film laid over a flat surface or a dimensional construction. The aesthetics of his works is defined by the aspiration for simplicity and by some deliberate restrictions: lack of deformation, texture simplification and set color scheme. Ivan Chuikov’s oeuvre has an interlocutory and deconstructive nature. The installation “Split Identity”, presented in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art in 2010, is a vivid example. The artist reproduces an average Moscow apartment, thus focusing on his favorite idea of balance between reality and simulacrum. The title induces the viewer to see in a private household a place where a human being finds his identity. However this identity is split as the mind is an amalgam of the most different and contradictory ideas, concepts and even ideologies both on a personal and social layers.

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