Ivan Lungin

lungin_iBorn in Moscow, in 1979. Since 1992 lives between Moscow and Paris. Attended l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Rueil-Malmaison. Exhibitons: Ex barricades. Art-Strelka projects gallery (Moscow) 2009. Group exhibition Arte Contro Museo di arte moderna e contemporanea di Trento e Roverto (Italy) 2008. Schusev State Museum of Architecture (Moscow) 2007. Espace Pierre Cardin (Paris) 2006. Gallerie Mailletz (Paris) 2005. Collections: Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Alberto Sandretti, Marco Ferreri, Olga Berlutti Macha Makeieff – Jerome Deschamps.

Ex Barricadas
Ivan Lungin transforms the word “barricades” into a pictorial gesture, but a gesture precisely artistic, inconspicuous, not aggressive – philosophical. The artist reproduces the protest of the period of his revolutionary youth, when he was a French anarchist, burnt cars and knew first-hand the methods of fighting against the system. But for such a young artist the difference between the teenage years and youth is exactly half of life lived, which is a huge chunk, and anarchism is already gradually changing into the form of anachronism, and, more likely, the protest is already “for”, not “against”.
Lungin’s barricades – is a metaphorical conglomeration of ideas and images, often transformed into expressive citations. Here there are echoes of Anselm Kifer’s global art and an ideological mausoleum for the Church, in the form of a ziggurat, built by fictional revolutionaries, and the images of a real junta, which came from Spanish leaflets. The artist builds his barricades in the attempt to separate out the chaos of life, to determine his own frontline. Lungin divides his works into “paintings-landscapes” – simply a development of city images, elements of architecture of unclear purpose, if one does not know beforehand, and “paintings-portraits” – indistinct groups of people with rifles. Apart from that a third form of expression exists, realised “locally” – a real barricade in a gallery space, leaflets and propaganda slogans. But this is not conceptual Site-specific art, but rather a part of the inner perception by the artist of his own Art.

The project “Ex Barricades” is an example of artistic expressiveness, met so rarely in recent times. Painting, touching nerve endings, – it is precisely the effect which the artist wishes to achieve.
Anna Buyvid


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