Katerina Belkina

BelkinaMember of the Russian Photographers’ Union. Has participated in international exhibitions in Canada and the United States. Won second place for best photomontage at the International Photo Awards, 2007 in Los Angeles.

The unifying element in Katerina Belkina’s three projects is that they interpret various cultural subjects through a female lens while providing a woman’s portrait to act as a metaphor for these subjects. Her emotionally charged pieces, realistic down to the minutest detail, are like a series in a magazine. Surveying her surroundings with the unfaltering gaze of a mother of two beautiful daughters, Belkina searches today’s world for models of women’s fate as described hundreds of years ago in well-known fairy tales. In Non-Masculine World, she extracts heroines from fragmented tales as if moving them out of a dilapidated house, giving their roles a clearer definition: Sleeping Beauty or intoxicating sleep? The Little Mermaid or sacrifice? Little Red Riding Hood or justified cruelty? The artist casts aside the rigid universal formulas used to raise ideal women, and says to them, “Welcome to the real world.” In Famous Huntresses, the real world has already been subordinated to women through various strategies of female power that appear in the portraits of young women artists and in the metamorphoses of their bodies. The viewer sees the feminine creative beginning as a filling — as the fruit of an idea within a woman. Paint is an homage to Magritte, Petrov-Vodkin, Malevich, Klimt, Schiele and Lempitskaya. In order to get closer to them, to comprehend what these great artists were feeling in their moments of inspiration, Belkina inserts herself as a character, becoming the muse of the dead genius and a model for herself.
А. Е.

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