Kerim Ragimov

ragimov_08_0Born in 1970 inSt.Petersburg, Russia. Professional training: graduated N.Rerikh School of Fine Arts (St.Petersburg) in 1989. ArtLink Sotheby’s International Young Art 2000, Sotheby’s offices in Tel-Aviv, Chicago and Vienna, 1nd Moscow biennale (2005), Art-Moscow, among other exhibitions.

Human project. Portraits

Kerim Ragimov’s pictures have been made on the basis of found images (photographs from newspapers, photocopies from catalogues etc.), which he has been collecting for many years. His artistic gesture is in this exceedingly labour-intensive process, requiring skill and dedication. In contrast to the practice of Pop Art, which declaratively accelerates the process of art production, Ragimov exhibits, first and foremost, his labour investments per square centimetre of canvas. He builds his art like a medium who, in the trance of solitary work, lets pass through himself a flow of information rushing with lightening speed.
The decisive moment of such a means of making art is the choice of subject. Ragimov is fascinated by the histrionics of mass culture, its direct right to talk about high feelings and heroic acts. In his main series Human Project he concentrates on group portraits in which the people pose in front of the neutral anonymous eye of the camera. Using the archaic potential of painting, he tries to discover the essence behind the external media covering, to find the dramatic punktum of his favourite image. In his pictures it is as if the people have frozen in uncertainty, they are full of unclear expectation – the presentiment of a heroic act or death. “The world is not enough”: behind the media game of the change of masks there always hides something frightening and disturbing.

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Dmitry Vilensky

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