Collective of artists

collectiveVladimir Arkhipov, Andrei Velikanov, Lekha Garikovich, Imperator WAWA [Vladimir Alexandrov], Sergei Kalinin, Михаил Косолапов, Egor Koshelev, Pavel Kuznetsov, Polina Kulik, Anton Litvin, Ivan Lungin, Diana Machulina, Антон Николаев, Marina Perchikhina, Liza Plavinskaya, Alexander Podosinov, Ira Shteinberg, Vlad Yurashko.

Eighteen painters took part in the “En Plein Air” event (also known as “White Canvas” or “12.05 at 12.05”). The artists lined up their white canvases on easels on the embankment opposite the Kremlin. Some drew the Kremlin in white, some – white abstractions, while others left their canvases un­touched. The event lasted an hour. The drawings of white on white are an excellent metaphor for the emptiness and insipidity of the government, which is constantly avoiding taking responsibility for things that happen in the country and has not presented any plans for the future. The social importance of this event stems from the consolidation of artists from various groups and movements, underlining the politicization of the Russian art community. It is an unconditional affir­mation of the fact that things in the country are not as they should be.

Anton Nikolaev 10.07.2012 15:54

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