The Collective Actions group

caAndrei Monastyrsky, Nikolai Panitkov, Igor Makarevich, Yelena Yelagina, Sergei Romashko and Sabina Haensgen) are an art group and the ideological foundation of the Moscow conceptualist school. They began working in 1976 and continue to this day. CA has carried out 125 actions/performances and produced 10 volumes of the book “Trips to the Country” (the 11th is on its way).

Corridor of CA
Andrei Monastyrsky CA Corridor installation occupies three rooms. In the first room there are Google Earth maps showing the location of Collective Actions events (at the Academy of Arts exhibi­tion at 10 Gogolevsky Bulvar, 12 maps were are used). The second room has 22 silent TVs, 11 on each side, showing videos of CA events. On the side wall of this room there is a plan, “The Field of Com­edy and the Line of Pictures,” and below it are sheets of paper with descriptions of the events. Be­hind the wall bearing the plan there is a path to a third, soundproof room with speakers, where visi­tors can hear sound from all 22 TVs in the previous room.

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