Irina Korina

korinaWas born in Moscow in 1977. Graduated from RATI-GITIS in 2000 as a “scenographer”. She studied at the Institute of Contemporary Art (IPSI) in Moscow and the Academy of Arts in Vienna. As a set designer she collaborated with many theaters in Moscow and Russia, since the early 2000s she has worked in the cinema. In 2009, was one of the exhibitors in the pavilion of Russia at the 53rd Venice Biennale. Nominee of the Kandinsky Prize in the nomination “Project of the Year” in 2009, 2013 and 2016. Finalist of the Kandinsky Prize in the nomination “Project of the Year” in 2011 and 2014.

The Tail Wags the Comet
Referencing the distinctively eclectic urban landscape of Moscow that is populated with temporary structures, fake edifices, and buildings undergoing reinvention, the artist has created an immersive environment that invites visitors to discover the “secrets” of what lies behind a sequence of incongruous, yet familiar facades. Using quotidian construction materials such as brightly-colored tent cloth, roofing tiles, galvanized metal, wood and paper as well as various scents, the project lives up to the absurdity inherent in its name, through witty navigation tactics and intricate detail that at once disorients and entices the viewer as they embark on an alternative route from the entrance of the museum to the exhibition spaces on the first floor, or vice versa.
The project explores the contradictions, humor, and pathos of national and cultural identity. In describing the concept of the work—the largest work the artist has made to date— the artist says: “It is about the frustration of longing for something you will never see or achieve and the notion of a desired future that is met with nothing but mundane reality”.

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