Ksenia Peretrukhina

peretrukhina_08_0Born in 1972. Lives and works in Moscow. Nominee of the “Black Square” prize in contemporary art. Art-director of the street festival of video art “Pusto”. Graduated from ASIC; school of contemporary art RSUH; Soros Center for Contemporary Art. Participated in 1st Moscow Biennale.

The project The Brides of Joseph Beuys

There was a time when I was struck by the thought that Contemporary Art replaces Religion for its votaries. I was interested then in the question not only of Religion, but of the Church as well. Being involved in Contemporary Art is the choice of a way of life, the conscious existence in a group, monastery, the rejection of commonly accepted tastes, norms of behaviour, asceticism or even being some kind of a God’s fool (as understood by the “uninitiated” in Contemporary Art, it is undoubtedly so). I want to dedicate this project to the research of this theme and — specifically — to women who are involved in Contemporary Art. And if nuns in a nunnery call themselves the brides of Christ, then in the nunnery of Contemporary Art they are the Brides of Josef Beuys.

The Brides of Josef Beuys is a series of video-portraits, shot using a static camera, aesthetically going back to the Screen Tests of Andy Warhol and to the symbolic principles of the Renaissance. The proposition was made to the participants, well-known practitioners and theoreticians of Contemporary Art, to choose the space and surround themselves with the objects-symbols, most significant for them and which relate to their own artistic activity, or with those which helped them to define their way in Contemporary Art. That is, practically, to de-archive their inner world, having divided it up into an alphabet of objects and concepts.

Kseniya Peretrukhina

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