Where dogs run (WDR)

where_dogs_runThe creative association “Where Dogs Run” was formed in Yekaterinburg in 2000. The artists create kinetic sculptures, objects, installations, video and events which appeal to spontaneous somatic experiences and mythological narratives as well as images of optical and linguistic illusions yearning for the technical achievements of utopias. The group is an active participant of biennials and exhibitions of contemporary art in Russia and abroad.


Three white balls in the field of snow. The balls are robots capable of autonomous and coordinated movements. They are exchanging information about their reciprocal positions and are using as a motion equation the law which is qualitatively analogous to the gravity law. The balls are attracted and repulsed depending on the space between them and their mass. They are moving not as point masses ready to turn in any moment, but as vectored points. This is a mathematical model of three-body system. It is impossible to predict their trajectories over the long period of time. To a purely mathematical model we are adding its physical embodiment; as a result, we have a multitude of not accounted for and non-foreseeable parameters, such as field irregularities, patches of clinging snow, mechanical control imprecisions etc. These new parameters make it impossible to predict the robots’ movements even one minute ahead.
We can only watch developments and sudden changes in relationships between them.
Through video, we are capturing the process of incessant calculations which is chaotically changing mutual trajectories of the balls. Having created the system, we cannot control it. We can only serve as physical inaccuracies influencing the current mathematical operation; at the same time we don’t know how exactly we are influencing these calculations. We renounce control and accept the impossibility of control. This is an autistic system, close-looped to endlessly calculate itself.

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