Where dogs run (WDR)

where_dogs_runThe creative association “Where Dogs Run” was formed in Yekaterinburg in 2000. The artists create kinetic sculptures, objects, installations, video and events which appeal to spontaneous somatic experiences and mythological narratives as well as images of optical and linguistic illusions yearning for the technical achievements of utopias. The group is an active participant of biennials and exhibitions of contemporary art in Russia and abroad.


We have used the standard metaphor of a mouse in a labyrinth to study the mechanics of how reality of shaped. The mouse is rigidly influenced by its own unrealized reality. We observe how it acts under such conditions.
While moving through the labyrinth, at each junction the mouse chooses only one of several options, the other ones remain unrealized. However, we see not only its actual route, but also all of its unrealized options in the form of virtual mice on the screen projection. The virtual mice behave independently and unpredictably. At each junction, the mouse multiplies virtual entities. When a virtual mouse moves on a collision course with the real mouse, a partition slides out between them. The virtual mice can fill almost the entire labyrinth, thus severely restricting the real mouse’s space. Being locked between partitions, the mouse stops creating its own virtual copies. Being without choice, the mouse is not without options.
Thus, the mouse’s unrealized options form the trajectory and volume of its living space. Events happening to the real mouse unfold in the plane of the labyrinth. Events happening to virtual mice unfold in all directions. They are simultaneously past and future events for our mouse.
The labyrinth’s simple structure reduces the number of possible states of the mouse, which allows us to model unrealized versions of its future and to influence its present.

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