KultProekt (group of authors)

NDBAGNikolay Nasedkin, 1954. Moscow Kandinsky Prize. 2008, 2009, 2013 Personal exhibition “Black”. 2013
Dashevsky Alexander, 1980, Leningrad Prize: SEAP, 2011. laureate Kandinsky, nominated Kuryokhin, laureate of
Peter Beliy, 1971 Laureate Of Kuryokhin: 2009, Nominated 2013 The participant of the 5th Msk. Biennale, 2013
Nikolay Onishchenko, 1979. Voronezh Personal exhibitions: “The fog. Stop”, CEH “Manege”, 2014 “NON-EXISTENT” ArtPlay, 2014
Evgeny Gor, 1950, Mos.obl. “Current image”, “Paper sculpture”; state Russian Museum, St. PETERSBURG 2014

Urbanism: pro & contra

One of the most popular topics has been the discussion on the Moscow development perspectives. The capital and its ring-star structure attracts high attention of local and foreign experts, who is creating the new vectors of its development.
On the paradigm of 80th background, so called «New Urbanism» the discussion on existing of the various approaches to the city’s development and various types of the world perception have becoming more and more popular, that has also been represented in the contemporary art.
Unconsciously, artists have continued developing their own understanding of environment in terms of one of the unsolved discussion between urbanists and desurbanists.
The tendency of the beginning of the XX century breaking the citizens’ country-style way of living had led to the creation intensive development with industrial areas, interfering the city, re-arranging the living structure, breaking the traditional connections with a river, developing multiple-ways highways and railways roots.
Industry revolutions period had started to break the common way of living in Europe much earlier than in Russia, the intensive construction of new cities in Russia has been developed just by the middle of the XX century. Many people have still remembered not only the traditional way of country-side living, but also have spent their childhood there, from time to time coming back to the living style, different from the one in the city.

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