Laboratory of urban fauna

unnamed-300Urban Fauna Laboratory, a collective formed in 2011 in Moscow by the artists Alexey Buldakov and Anastasia Potemkina. The group acts as a multidisciplinary platform engaged in the exploration of parasitic and symbiotic relationships in the urban environment and thier associated adaptations. The artists investigate cultural status of animals and plants, and the economic, architectural, and political implications of cohabitation between species in the city beyond traditional notions in ecology.

Outer Green
Proclaiming equality between all biological species, the artists fill the temple-like grain store of the All-Russian Exhibition Center with invasive flora and undesirable plants, which spread beyond the territory normally allocated to them by humans, and use them as a metaphor for the evolution of any expansive form of life.
The triumph of harvest, the fruition of undesirable plantlife, collected from different districts of Moscow, will unfold in the «Grain» pavilion which was built for the opening of the All-Russian Exhibition Center in 1939. Under the district flags of the city, everyday examples of rampant plant life – common nettle, tarragon, pigweed, burdock, dandelion – will invade the space. Outer Green celebrates harvest and abundance as well as the endless cycle of life and death in the modern age, which thousands of years after the invention of agriculture still creates «blind harvesters», who collect human lives from the battlefields of wars.
The collective gives free rein to these urban parasites by harvesting these normally undesirable plants. The artists act as a catalyst for the city’s new ‘greening up’ policy, opening up the doors of our built environment to the natural world outside; they thus prepare the ground for bringing the bio-political utopia where cross-species co-habit harmoniously ever nearer.

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