Lyokha Garikovich


Once upon a time Lyokha Garikovich, who goes by the name Lyokha, began musing about the vulnerability of the artist, in both the psychological and the physical sense. He decided to overcome this injustice and to stop bullies from thinking that anyone can beat up an artist. But how? After some thought, Garikovich developed a manual entitled Self-Defense for Artists, a comical coloring book with commentary in the style of ROSTA windows: “When attacked by a karate master, get out your brush in a hurry and tickle him,” etc. As it happens, the seemingly defenseless artist is armed quite well. In a fix, he can throw a palette knife at his offender, hang a canvas stretcher around his neck, zonk him with a palette, dash some paint in his face, or just jab a pencil in his eye. With imagination and manual dexterity, you can make a knuckle-duster from tubes of paint, a shank-like weapon from a pencil, or nunchucks from a pair of brushes. As evidence of the success of his techniques, the author produced a photographic comic strip in which he makes short work of some pestering goon. In short, an artist will go to any length to be let alone to draw.
Yulia Lebedeva

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