Leonid Komissarov

komisarovBorn in 1987 in Moscow. Student at the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia and at the Humanities Institute of Television and Radio (faculty of movie camera operation). Lives and works in Moscow.

Moscow Movie Theaters

I photographed typical Soviet movie theaters that were no longer part of cultural or economic life. Some of them are already closed, some have been redeveloped. Spaces that were left without language, outside an age that is foreign and alien to them, which have nevertheless tried to adapt to the dreams and stories of a distant modern age. So, a priori, I was taking pictures of something that no longer existed — the past of empty spaces, architectural forms, without substance, without the spirit of the time. Incompatibility. I saw theaters that held only a void, theaters where there was no more laughter, tears, or hope, only the fading breath of the walls. I photographed Moscow theaters that had ceased to be a repository and a reflection of the events of a new era. I photographed the shipwrecked dream of generations.

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