Leonid Rotar

rotar_08_0Born in Moldavia in 1962. Graduated from The Russian State Institute of Cinematography. Lives and works in Moscow. Solo exhibitions in “Yakut” Gallery. Participant of “Art-Moscow” (2008), “Art Brussels”. The “Aidan-gallery”. Brussels, Belgium, “International Youth Exhibition”, Moscow. The exhibition on the occasion of “The 1000 Baptism of Russia”, Kuznetsky Most, Moscow.

Till tomorrow

the moon has risen
the moon is like a ball
nought on a black scoreboard
semi-final match
the field of battle a third synthetic
the zero phase of genesis
three strokes german quality
traumatically for photosynthesis
death on the field
guarantee of life
to lower forms
from a superior league
the world cup
a bitter cup
smelling of blood
olympic ancient games
olympic star wars
the breaking of rules is punishable
with an explosion of the solar plexus
eleven metres to the moon
the gates of paradise
stroke reflection
ball cosmic nought
the moon
frozen stigmata
no pain
we entered the final
we alive again
till tomorrow

Maya Kononenko (Yakut)

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