make_08_0Anton Polskiy, 25 years old. Studied graphic design, painting, and animation. From 1997 began to make graffiti, makes web-designs. In the last two years has been experimenting in the spheres of animation, interactive projects, pixel painting and the integration of sub-cultural artistic phenomena. Main exhibitions: “Art-Moscow” (2008), the 1st Moscow Biennale and others.

The project Make so serious

One of the “founding fathers” of Russian graffiti, MAKE participated in numerous exhibitions and actions of street artists. His work Brestskaya street was made precisely as a cultural background which unwittingly created a feeling of one’s presence in the city. In this work what remains of graffiti is only technique and material — corrugated iron. Meanwhile the classical motives of graffiti are not used directly. In such a way the artist underlined the indivisibility of the context’s elements, the mutual influence of contemporary architecture and street culture, everyday urban reality and sub-cultural events.
If Brestskaya street is a cultural background, then the works from the series of postage stamps made of pixels, placed on it, are a certain type of cultural layer, a citation from history, relentlessly following us.
Through the prism of stamps the artist looks at the paranoid-nostalgic theme of the Soviet past. Postage stamps — the symbol of movement and communication — are a relatively new phenomenon in art and design, which, in reality, is dying in the 21st century, or, at least, holds a more and more humble place in visual culture. It’s precisely the stamp, the object of collecting and the quintessence of symbolic historical and cultural events, with its more communicative rather than propagandistic function, which becomes the symbol of connection with the past for the artist. The design of Soviet postage stamps demonstrates an individual view on the Soviet epoch.

Ekaterina Krupennikova

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