Marina Fedorova

fedorova_08_0Marina Fedorova was born in 1981 inLeningrad. In 1996 she finished school No.16 of the Frunzensky region, in 2000 graduated from the St. PetersburgArtCollege n. a. N. K. Roerich, the Department of “Design-Graphics”. Entered the Saint PetersburgIndustrial-ArtAcademy n. a. Muhina, the Department of “Fashion Design”. Lives and works in St. Petersburg. Artist of the gallery “D137”. Works held in the collections of the StateRussianMuseum, St. Petersburg.

Project The Lonely

In the words of the curator Ekaterina Andreeva: “Marina Fedorova is distinguished by the ability to present the chosen subject matter in an instantaneous completeness of revelation. And also the artist does not yield to the spirit and style of her heroes, even if they are celebrities, because her style is definitely her own, and she’ll always remain herself, whatever the cost. The portraits of celebrities, the genre scenes-frames are made in the style which is the estranged manner of the film-poster of the times of the French new wave, the retelling by the artist of adverts in the cold language of Pop-Art and quick magazine illustrations which catch the light glitter of fashion. Fedorova’s pictures, it seems, saturated with the carmine of lipstick, are superficially included by the critics in the popular trend of the last years’ “trash glamour”… “It has been known for a long time that artists’ works have something of self-portraits in them: the plasticity of the body, the quickness of the glance, the strength of touch are reflected in the style of the graphics, in the dynamics of form. Marina Fedorova paints with a brush lightly and confidently. This firm professionalism is tempered with a swinging, broken rhythm of movement and arrangement of forms. Here exhalation, inhalation and pause frame the inevitable slicing of the visible and hold the lines, colour patches, painted words in a state of uncertainty, and, this means, the potentiality which is characteristic of the fine art of our time”.

Gallery D137

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