Marina Vinnik

vinnikBorn in 1984 in Kemerovo. Graduated from Lenin Moscow State Pedagogical University, faculty of biology and chemistry (2005), Gerasimov Russian State University of Cinematography, department of directing, workshop of Alexei Uchitel (2011). Films: “Mothers” (2007), “Hunger” (photofilm, 2008), “On the Road” (2009). Works in both
documentary and fiction films.


I invited eight unacquainted girls to take part in this project. It was of the utmost importance to me that we had a good relationship and that they could speak frankly with me. Only women were present in the studio during shooting, and as a result the atmosphere was very intimate.
The purpose of our conversation was to talk about our most painful experiences in our relationships with men. We discovered that our experiences were very similar, as though there were some kind of common space with very many repetitions. The conversation revealed the source of these painful feelings to be completely commonplace, as if all these girls who had never met each other before had dealt with the same male stereotype.
This video project is meant to reveal the imbalance in human relationships when men most often make all the decisions and arrange the world in ways that are comfortable for them. And a woman is just an object that has no right to speak and is unable to make any decisions about the relationship. She is not an equal actor who should be respected but an irrational child. The pain that women feel is caused when a woman in love becomes very vulnerable and suffers because of it. That is why all the girls are undressed: they are totally unprotected.
The girls speak on camera as if they were addressing their partners and say the things that they could not say when in a relationship.

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