Maria Andre

maria-andre_08_0Main spheres of working/creativity: photography and video-art. Also works as artistic director in short art films and music clips. Participated in the following exhibitions: Project “The Ecology of Perception 2” (2008) The International Festival of Digital Film “IZOLENTA/08”.Awarded a prize in the category “Media art work” in the International Competition of Visual Arts “EIDOS 2006/07”.

“Dao of a negro”

This is a story about a girl Masha,
Who dreamt of meeting a boy with a cap or
without a cap.
And for many long hours she looked at a brick wall,
And when the sunset happened early – she went to bed later.
And at last he came and she burst into tears on his shoes
It was wonderful and delightful, it’s just the ferrule on the right sock…
This is a story about a boy Lesha.
He is like a black dot, a negro frozen on the asphalt,
Because – without shoes he went, having forgotten about winter
Mother screamed and cursed: “Why are you without shoes?
Not yielding to his mother’s call, the negro Lesha walked straight
And his eyes were streaming with tears, without shoes and socks…
This is a story about You.
You, only don’t let go of the light of happiness.
Don’t forget where you will lie again.
There are absolutely no reasons for pride.
Sprinkle on the negro light paint from the bucket,
Let his path be once again long
This is a story about Maria Andre,
about Lesha Garikovich, Andrey Roletsky,
Irina Shatalova, Iliya Gerashenko,
Yulia Galochkina, Olga Stefanova,
Igor Malyshev, Nadezhda Roletskaya.
And the video, it’s just, – an allegory of the “Dao of a negro”

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