Maria Safronova

safronovaMaria Safronova was born in 1979 in Rzev, graduated from Moscow Surikov academic institute, the Institute of Contemporary Art and Free Workshops»,finalist “Kandinsky Prize” 2012
2013 – “Research study ” MMoMA
2013 – ” Routine ” personal exhibition MMoMA
2012 – “Exhibition of Kandinsky Prize nominees ” cinema ” Drummer”
2012 – ” The Rejected Reality ” Artplay parallel project 3rd Youth Biennale
2012 – ” Inconclusive analysis ” strategic project – third of the Youth Biennale
2012 – “Friend or foe ” Project Factory , a parallel project 3rd Youth Biennale
2012 – “Student Art Promt” Artplay
2011 – ” Today / Tomorrow ” MMoMA
2011 – ” Mapping the possible “Central House of Artists
2011 – ” Impossible Community ” MMoMA
2011 – ” Habitat ” , personal exhibition , museum Erarta St.Petersburg
2010 – “On the contrary ” Winery

The game of General view

«I say and affirm that the person who wishes to become outstanding in any mastery really should exercise at an early age … For example, who wants to become a farmer or a good house builder, must be in the games, either to cultivate the land or to erect any children’s facilities.» Plato (427-347 BC)
To play a game is more important than to gain a result. The critical condition for such a game is modeling of the invented situations. They call an imagination and instigate the real actions. The game provokes the exemption from the obstacles that stifle freedom, as well as a commonality with their environment, and, as a consequence, a repetition of action. Through the repetition the pattern of behavior becomes safe and predictable so it can be easily controlled. The rules of the game are being modified during the transition from one social category to another. A standard model of indefinitely recurring game becomes THE GAME OF THE GENERAL VIEW. Coordination of one’s point of view with respect to others, change of the position, or the desire to get a win is only possible within the rule of that game. The condition of stable equilibrium becomes more beneficial thus any change deteriorates the situation. Imagination here becomes unnecessary as well as exemption from obstacles. Reverse side of the game turns into a rubbish dump of everything what is pushed out of life. Instead of preparation for life the game converts into escape from it.

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