Martins Alexey & Lazarev Igor

Alexey_Martins300Igor_Lazarev300Alexey Martins
Born in 1989, Russia
Lives and works in Krasnoyarsk
Krasnoyarsk Art School named after Vasily Surikov, faculty of easel painting in 2010
Solo exhibitions
2010 – Space combat, Secach Gallery, Krasnoyarsk
2015 – Mental firewood, Otdel Gallery, Krasnoyarsk
Curatorial projects
2015 – Ceiebration, Exhibition of Young Artists, Krasnoyarsk
2014 – Bystrovka, Gallery of Sudden Art, Krasnoyarsk
2012 – Rodina-Smorodina, Exhibition Picnic, Krasnoyarsk
2012 – THE END Ontology End

How to talk about art to the Siberian city
Performance / video documentation
Performance took place from October 18 to October 19, 2014, in Krasnoyarsk. During an action artists as taxi drivers transported people for free around the city, instead of the fare told about art. The project has character of rather author’s statement, than a social event. Performance can be referred to participation art (an interaction esthetics) because the main thing is the situation of personal meeting and dialogue with the viewer/participant. The project works with the problem of public attitudes to modern art in particular and culture in general.
In Russia as a result of 70 years’ social experiment link of society with contemporary culture was broken, adequate interaction of the ordinary viewer with work of “difficult art”, at least, as the contemplator of discrete object now is almost impossible. For this reason the viewer’s form – the coauthor/participant was chosen as more effective. The cultural judgment of city space through his citizens became the second motive of work. The city, as we know, at first is the people who live in it, therefore personal contact with each participant was important for artists. Art is process of perception, thinking and discussion therefore not the object, but conversation on art becomes a work of art.

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