Mikhail Kosolapov

kosolapovBorn in 1970 in Fryazino, Moscow Region and studied at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (1988-1992) and the Valand Academy, Gothenburg (1999). He is one of the founders of Art Business Consulting.

Indirect Political Statement. “…I do art that is formal (with a concrete, visual approach), extremely personal (my stories — these are my stories), monumental (unmanageable), cold (hard-hearted), if possible devoid of meaning (from the point of view of “practical reason”), labor-intensive (art is fucking hard work), as irrelevant and undramatic as possible (the image is higher than the symbol), and also, I hope, strange, blunt and ingenuous” (28.02.2012, facebook.com/mikhail.kosolapov).
Mikhail Kosolapov, educated in theoretical physics, has a clear mind and an ability to make rigorous logical judgements, and nor is he devoid of literary talent or the ability to make rigorous aesthetic judgements. If we consider his own statements about this sculpture, “Indirect Political Statement” is actually a direct non-political statement. It consists of nothing besides interwoven ropes (and some lighting).
Anticipating all sorts of analogies, here’s a list of what this sculpture is not:
It is not sperm. It is not squid. It is not “The Burghers of Calais”. It is not the robots from “The Matrix.” It is not “an explosion at a spaghetti factory.” It is not a ship from the “Lexx” television series. It is not a lava lamp. It is not the dried heads of Rastafarians. It is not a crazy lamp. It is not white ribbons. It is not a talking knot given by the Inca king Atahualpa to the conquistador Pissarro.
It is not candidates for the Russian presidential elections (including Yavlinsky) being hung after March 4. It is not sepulki (alas).

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