Miziano300pxWere born in Moscow. MISHMASH: Misha Leykin and Masha Sumnina. In 2000 creative plans of authors grew into a marriage bond, and ever since they are MishMash. Mishmash translated as: jumble, confusion. In a work authors involve uncontrollable forces – wind, mold, water, spectator, etc. Work and live in Moscow.

Prostheses and substitutions

“What remains of a fairy tale after it’s told?”
Vladimir Vysotsky. “Alice in Wonderland”

What can we offer to the world bursting with forms? Merely the form of a personal history, only a plaster cast.What does a museum goer know about performances or actions? What does he or she know about the wind, the length of the path, the leg pain, insect bites, about light that goes through branches or how the water touches the skin? What do we know about ancient Greek sculptures? Just limbless Roman plaster casts.
There are only texts, photographs and video- prosthetic works that replace the original events. Text changes events. Text becomes a creation of another person by alienating itself from the author. It develops its own style and succumbs to language.
This collection of strange objects is the family tree of our voluntary and involuntary events, works, predispositions, poetics and memory- everything that affects MishMash. Plaster copies of the objects found in nature, found at the right time and the right place. In the end, they are not just the traces. They become their own creation by coming through the gap between the event and the text and become their own separate entities. In that gap the observer will be on his own.

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