Misha Most

most_08_0Born in Moscow in 1981. Began to paint on the street. Exhibitions: Festival “Graffiti VinZavod”, Moscow (2006), “Inventory”, Central Exhibition Hall “Manège”, St. Petersburg (2008), “Hop-art” within the framework of the 1st Moscow Biennale of Young Art “Stop! Who goes there?” and others.

The project Dialogues

Painting in the street, Most also pays great attention to canvases, the images on which may be contemplated for longer than on the city surfaces. The series Dialogues presents expressive abstractions which appear on the canvas out of words “daubed” with paint. Thus is born an alloy of “hidden” daubed writing — idea, concept — and a colour patch covering it — an external expression, which sometimes darkens and silences meaning, but emerges at the same time into a new artistic expression. Misha Most’s Dialogues are not peaceful conversations, but tense discussions, the dialogues of discourses. The impossibility of reading the writings-messages in principle, including the one put in the left corner of the “main” thesis, as if symbolises the impossibility of a rational solution to the problem. And here the conceptual solution yields to the artistic. The essence of the dispute loses meaning when numerous positions collide and explode with colour, passing along the path from word to silence, from remark to pause, from position to doubt, from idea to purely artistic expressiveness.
The work …is… continues the same line: discussion as a theme, colour as expression: colour patches are placed around writing Art is argument and symbolize the positions in the eternal dispute about nature and the meaning of Art. The essence of Art is dispute, discussion, the struggle of opinions, which the viewer understands when looking at the contrasting colour patches.

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