Natalya Turnova

turnovaNatalya Turnova was born in Kabul, Afghanistan.
She graduated the Moscow Higher Art and Industry Institute (formerly the Stroganov Institute).
She is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists and the Association of Monumental Artists.
Her works are held by the Tretyakov Gallery, the Far Eastern Art Museum, the Oklahoma City Museum of Art (USA) and the Lodz Museum of Contemporary Art (Poland).


Diagnosis is the name of a series of portraits. The associations this word arouses are always connected with individual experiences. Diagnosis features the faces of people who are alive today. It is also my face. For me, a portrait is not a diagnosis but a symptom. A diagnosis can be controversial. More important are the symptoms that suggest the diagnosis. I am unable to accurately diagnose the age in which I myself am living. It is more important for me to understand the symptoms which would enable us to reach a diagnosis.
It seems to me that any person, including an artist, is merely a fragment or a reflection of our world. The question is, which part of life is reflected in me at the present moment? We always say: “That country no longer exists.”
Which country? A diagnosis is, after all, a definition of illness in relation to health. In this situation, at which point was there health and at which point illness? What if they exist in equal measure? And who makes the diagnosis? I don’t know — but I am not taking it upon myself to make a diagnosis. Life is like this because we made it like this. Or we allowed it to make itself like this. We are the reason. These portraits are both a mirror that reflects us and a screen showing the face of our neighbor. It would be wonderful to have a board of doctors that would reach diagnoses without error. But alas, for now, it is we who decide how life will turn out.

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