Natalia Turnova

turnovaBorn in Kabul, Afghanistan. Graduated from the Moscow Higher Institute of Art and Industry (formerly the Stroganov Institute). Member of the Moscow Union of Artists and the Association of Monumental Artists. Kandinsky Prize 2010 finalist in the «Project of the Year» nomination. Works are held by the Tretyakov Gallery, Far Eastern Art Museum, Oklahoma City Museum of Art (USA), Lodz Museum of Art (Poland), Мoscow Museum of Modern Art.

The Witnesses project

The “Witnesses” series continues a theme that was begun in the “Diagnosis” project. It is another attempt to look inside, or rather to look around. Any portrait is a monologue. But this is not the case with a series of portraits, which create a space for dialogue between themselves. A new dimension emerges, one that did not exist in the solo por­trait (this is analogous to the new consciousness that emerges when two people converse.) Aside from the portraits there are also figurative images. And again, just as no discussion takes place in a sterile, silent vacuum — there are always hand gestures, background noises and so on — here the space of “gesture” adds another dimension. The “Witnesses” series consists of two parts. First are large portraits of spectators and eyewitnesses. Second are small portraits of those who look but do not see (who cannot, are unable or do not want to, for various reasons). But they are also witnesses, and have their own truth that will be judged — and used as a means to judge our era — in times ahead. Whose truth is more important? That of the powerful? (But so much in life — that which is perhaps painful, perhaps important — takes place quietly and without any witnesses.) That of the weak? (But will these truths be too private?) Will either of these two versions of the truth be able to depict how we lived? And can dialogue be­tween witnesses reduce the number of falsehoods in the world?

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