Natalia Zintsova

zintsovaBorn in 1971 in Moscow. Graduated from the Russian Academy of Theater Arts (GITIS) with a specialism in directing (1995), from the Moscow State University of Printing Arts with a specialism in graphic art (2003), and from the Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow (2007). Zintsova has been working as an artist and participating in exhibitions since 2005, and spent four months in 2009 at the Centraltrack art residence in Dallas, Texas. Lives and works in Moscow. Gallery 21 is an artist.

The starting point of the project “New Forms of Life” was the study of readymades, “prepared” things, when during the ordinary course of research the idea of a “superstructure” arises, at first for­mal, then partly playful, and if it is realized successfully, it will also have a semiotic aspect. I’m dealing with readymades here but not in the usual, classical sense when an artist works primarily with meanings. What is important and fundamental for me is breaking the rules of the game, taking the readymade and redoing it, completely or fully reproducing it from beginning to end by myself. In modern civilization people are estranged from the direct transformation of nature. Often this is also true for contemporary artists as they delegate the creation of their work to other people. In or­der to stress the principle of “making,” working with material, which is fundamental for me, I take readymades and remake them. As I do this I am experiencing the readymade both mentally – exam­ining and analyzing its structure – and physically, using my muscles, by making it with my own hands. So bringing craft back to the process of creating an artwork is very important for me. Independent work is important to me also because when I create something with my own hands I feel the resist­ance of the materials. Even when I am just hitting myself or scratching my fingers, I feel my own re­ality.

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